E-Cigarette Fire Erupts on American Airlines Flight

In 2015, the U.S. Department of Transportation prohibited e-cigarettes by becoming loaded in examined luggage, and however, the fresh legislation still brought about them to become packed in carry-on handbags, as long as they had been not really billed on plane tickets.

The legislation was a consequence of safety dangers surrounding the e-cigarette electric batteries which have the ability of beginning fires.

However, the latest information story displays the security risk is still true when e-cigs are generated within carry-ons about airplanes.

North American Airline flight companies declared that a passenger’s e-cigarette electric battery caused a little fireplace following Airline flight 168 landed via Las Vegas to Chicago O’Hare International Airport on Friday night.

Leslie Scott, an American Air carriers spokeswoman, informed Fox News that the e-cigarette’s battery power will be an airline flight family and friends needed to stomp your open fire.

none of the 138 travelers or perhaps crew had been injured inside the event.

The incident was reported toward the Federal Aviation Administration, according to Scott.

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