Fiji Water Girl

‘Fiji Water Girl’ plays best supporting role in Golden Globes

The Golden Globe red carpeting featured the share of scene-stealers: Lady Gaga in an outfit using a train many meters longer, Timothee Chalamet in a sequin holster, Melissa McCarthy outfitted like a beautiful, purple wizard, and Billy Porter within an embellished cotton cape which has a hot red coating.

Yet all of them had been arguably outshone by the constant appearance of any female within a violet gown handing out containers of Fiji moving water. The “Fiji Water Girl ” meme quickly caught the attention of audiences following the honors ceremony, since she made an appearance in the background of your variety of superstar shots, photobombing Nicole Kidman, Dakota Fanning, Jim Carrey, Richard Madden, Emmy Rossum, Idris Elba, and Judy Greer, amongst others.

She was immediately observed on Facebook, where many people called for her to be provided the honor for best helping part. Fiji Water may be the standard bottled water spouse for the Golden Globe, offering water to drink for the big event since 2015 and the company was speedy to capitalize on people’s curiosity, composing on Tweets: “We’re thus pleased most people are speaking regarding our drinking water! * feelings threatening existence * She has correct at the rear of us, is not she? ”

But people’s fascination got nothing at all to carry out with all the liquids. It had been the Fiji Water to drink Gal herself who also experienced captured people. Recognized as model Kelleth Cuthbert, there the girl was, standing up in back of Cody Fern. Because Fern was photographed, rather than searching aside demurely, the Fiji water Lady looked straight over the zoom lens with a curved eyebrow and a half-smile, bold the video camera to consider her a much less deserving subject matter than the acting professional in the front side of her.

She does the same, once again and once more throughout the night, with a great unerring feeling of where the camera is usually and her best sides. It would not take very long for a parody Twitter accounts to begin, with somebody tweeting about accounts of Fiji Water Female.

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