Flight Makes Emergency Landing Due to Unruly Passenger on Meth

A Delta Air Lines local plane was forced to call and make an emergency touchdown Wednesday after having a passenger who also claimed to become on methamphetamines reportedly held walking toward the cockpit.

According to FOX12 Oregon, Compass Airline Flight 6054 was soaring from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport when the activities of 21-year-old Douglas B. Smyser triggered the initial to change the plane to Portland Airport terminal.

Smyser informed police this individual ingested methamphetamine before takeoff since having been scheduled to check on into rehabilitation in Malibu after getting in California. Soon after boarding, he put his backpack into the church aisle and this began moving due to an electrical razor inside.

In addition, witnesses claim Smyser started pacing the passageway and will not sit down once asked. Ultimately, he stated someone at the back of the plane a new gun and walked toward the cockpit but was controlled by an additional passenger.

The captain locked the cockpit door and called for the emergency shoring in Portland, where law enforcement and FBI agents fulfilled the plane and arrested Smyser on costs of threatening, disorderly carryout and disturbance with an airline flight crew.

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