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Letter from Africa: How Nigeria’s elite avoid ‘bad education’

Within our group of characters from Africa authors, reporter Sola Odunfa displays on the controversial pitch to prohibit the kids of presidency officials and top municipal servants coming from completing their particular education overseas.

Back the 1980s, my personal child received a place in the Obafemi Awolowo University or college, among the best state-funded organizations in Nigeria.

She set out on her behalf analyses with a springtime in her step, looking to emerge having a prestigious certification five years later on.

Quickly enough though, she’d learn the reality behind the present day Nigerian stating: university college students can only make sure of their matriculation day; they can not say if they will graduate student.

Her studies appeared to consider forever. In the event the lecturers weren’t on effect, these were intending to continue to reach. Among the attacks – nationwide actions – survived almost 12 months.

Midway through the program, my little girl’s morale experienced collapsed and just the combined entreaties of our prolonged family members can convince her to keep her education.

Frustrated and discouraged, she ultimately graduated. The five-year- program was finished in eight, through no-fault of her personal.

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