Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer shows off two fan-favourite characters

The permanently disguised mercenary that has popped up throughout the series, and in whose identity offers usually continued to be a secret.

And Tofu – the strange key personality hidden inside the initial Resident Evil 2, that is indeed only a group of tofu.

Capcom previously verified both personality types would come back again in Resident Evil 2‘ h rebuilding, but it can only right now we’re viewing them found in actions.

1 last point – the truck beneath is the one that unlocks as you defeat the game’s fresh time-limited demonstration – simply in case you have yet to try out it by yourself and need to conserve it intended for then.

Capcom’s one-shot Resident Evil 2 demo released last week. This provides you just 30 min perform period — although followers possess discovered methods to obtain about that period limit, permitting for multiple playthroughs and speedrunning.

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